Who is BevMax?

  • We are a chain of liquor stores based out of CT. We have been in business for 50+ years, and have 12 locations and growing! 

Where do you ship to?

  • Please see our shipping and returns page for a full list of states that we ship to. This varies for spirits and wine.

How much does shipping cost?

  • Shipping is free on all of our clubs!

Can I cancel my shipment?

  • Please contact clubs@bevmax.com with your contact information so we can see if your order can be cancelled.

When does my order get shipped?

  • All orders get shipped on the first Monday of each month, no exceptions.

When do I get billed?

  • We process all payments on the 1st of each month. If you sign up on the 10th, your card will not get charged till the 1st of the following month.

Can I cancel my subscription?

  • You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel after the 15th of the month, your subscription will stop after the following month.

Can I return my product?

  • Unless your product was damaged in route to you, there are no returns. See our shipping and returns page for more detail.